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Groove Brewing started in 2020 with the simple goal of bringing a hometown microbrewery to Scranton. With over 25 years of brewing experience, Brewmaster Ed Generose is the beer brains of the operation. As a certified BJCP Judge, brewery world traveler, and comprehensive beer nerd, Ed was made for this.

Co-owners Joe and Shannon Bonacci's mission for the brewery is to promote the redevelopment and prosperity of Scranton, its people, and to introduce Northeast PA to true craft beer culture. 


With a lot of help from friends, we opened a small operation in March of 2020. In January of 2023 we expanded our operations from a 1BBL "nano" brewery located in a former dental office to a 5 BBL brewery a few blocks away from the original location. We now have garage doors, an upper and lower tap room, and full parking lot. We enjoy being a neighborhood brewery that patrons can walk or bike to in an underrated section of Scranton that is beaming with promise and character. 

We hope you like our work and enjoy our beer, cheers! 

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